About Us

The Cruzan Farms Story

Cruzan Farms was founded with a single purpose: to help heal the world with premium quality CBD based products. Over the last few years, people from all backgrounds have come to accept CBD as a phenomenal plant-based alternative to other prescription medications and health supplements. From pain relief to alleviating anxiety, the uses for CBD are endless.

Before we got into this business, we noticed that CBD got a bad name from less than honest distributors selling subpar CBD products at excessive rates. We also found that access to quality CBD was hard for people shopping online. With misinformation all around, it was hard to find a company selling 100% clean and pure, organic CBD products.

So we decided to do something about that. We decided that it was our duty to help consumers learn more about CBD and it’s wide range of benefits, while also offering consumers easier access to affordable, high quality CBD products.

No Fillers for a Pure Experience

We know that we could cut corners and cut costs by putting filler ingredients in our CBD, but how would that help you? You’d end up with a watered-down product and watered-down results. We got into the CBD business to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality, full potency CBD to help treat their pain, anxiety, and other health issues.