Benefits of CBD for Horses

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Horses can experience medical issues that leave their owners frustrated. Sure you want the very best for your horse, but how can you go about doing it? Is it worth putting your four legged companion’s life at risk due to potential adverse side effects of conventional medications?

When health issues arise, it is of paramount importance for horse owners to know how to treat these aliments. In this regard, CBD is very beneficial.

Like humans, horses also have an endocannabinoid system, which means they can leverage the health benefits of CBD for their own body. In fact, over 30 years of research proves that CBD is extremely effective at treating and mitigating the symptoms of several diseases in horses, dogs, and cats.  

While you may be aware of the numerous benefits of CBD for human health, here are a few reasons why your horse needs CBD too.

Prevents Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers affect up to 90 percent of fully grown horses at some point in their lives. Ulcers are extremely painful, affecting a horse’s appetite and its otherwise docile nature. CBD has been shown to treat symptoms of gastric ulcers in horses.

Keeps Laminitis at Bay

The inflammation of the tissues inside a horse’s hoof is known as laminitis, and it affects hundreds of horses every day. This debilitating disease is responsible for causing the horse severe pain and adversely affecting its overall health. Laminitis commonly occurs when blood flow is restricted to the insensitive and sensitive laminae.

Laminae are tissues that give the hoof its structure. CBD can be used as a natural therapy to help with the pain when your horse battles laminitis.

Treats Pain

It is difficult to recognize if your horse is in pain. Conventional pain medications mitigate pain to some extent, but not without adversely affecting the horse in several ways. However, this is where the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can be used to treat chronic pain in animals and people alike. Hemp derived oil can also help with acute pain in horses. The best part is that CBD hemp oil does not have any adverse side effects.

Staves Off Immune Disorders

The omega 3 fatty acids present in CBD oil can absorb vitamins and provide support to the immune function. Consuming CBD oil can help your horse fight off the disease and prevent any ensuing illnesses.

Eliminates Colic

Colic is another ailment that CBD oil can help with. Colic causes horrific abdominal pain by affecting the gastrointestinal tract. CBD helps by reducing inflammation of the GI tract and providing pain relief.

Suppresses Anxiety

Horses undergo anxiety, particularly when they are confined to their stable. In addition, horses experience anxiety due to competition from other horses, and this has been shown to increase the rider’s anxiety levels as well. In such stressful events, CBD can be used to control the anxiety levels and keep the horse’s behavior under check.

Lowers Arthritis Risk

Stress on the joints, either due to chronic wearing or trauma, can trigger symptoms of arthritis. This can be especially harmful if your horse has undergone trauma or is aging. CBD can provide support to joint health and slow, if not completely prevent, the development of arthritis.

CBD Is Safe for Your Horse

Clinical studies have shown that CBD is perfectly safe for horses. This means you can administer CBD to your horse without worrying about adverse health reactions.

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