Total Body Care Capsules


Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Proprietary Ayurvedic Blend, Chlorophyll Vegan Capsule

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Total Body Care hemp pill extracts are all natural, water dissolvable and defined for muscles and joints. It’s proposed that, since our bodies are such a high rate water, oil-based products like hemp oil are not fully absorbed. BioCBD Plus uses a water-soluble hemp extract that’s 100% bioavailable to battle this issue and make it simpler for your body to assimilate and transport it where required.

  • 30 capsules (10mg CBD each)
  • Proprietary ayurvedic blend: organic hemp oil, curcumin (turmeric), saffron, boswellia, magnesium
  • Water soluble
  • Hemp-derived & organic

BioCBD+ Hemp Capsule Ingredients

BioCBD+, curcumin, boswellia, saffron, magnesium, starch, cellulose

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30 Pack


300mg (10mg/ea)




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