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Ingredients: MCT (fractionated coconut) Oil, CBD, Terpenes

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If you know where to look, vaping can be a sound method to add CBD to your everyday life. It’s simple, effective, extraordinary tasting, and moreover: relaxing.

We’re satisfied you’ve found Alternate Vape, the all-natural CBD vape oil cartridge that is prepared to-go right out of the box.

This product is THC-free.

Make it a Kit

If you don’t already have a vaporizer battery, make sure you select “YES” in the drop-down menu above. If you forgot, don’t worry, your local vape stores should carry compatible batteries.

Perfect Ingredients

Each ingredient in Alternate Vape was picked for its touted advantages and capacity to play synergistically with each other.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD, Terpenes


Appreciate the intensity of cannabis, without the high.

CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Luckily, it can be found in great quantities in hemp oil! This implies we can make our oil from hemp rather than cannabis, enabling us to make a THC-free CBD e-liquid, legal in all 50 states.


Terpenes, which make up 100% of these astounding flavors, are natural compounds found in essential oils of plants. Did you know, terpenes have been considered for comparative reasons as CBD? That’s why researchers believe they have a strong synergy, known popularly as the Entourage Effect.

All plants have terpenes! The truth is out, even the one sitting on your patio. Terpenes give plants their one of a kind scent, and sometimes even their color. We all know the power of essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy and other natural remedies.


MCT (coconut) oil is an exceptionally praised item in the beauty and health industry. These days, it’s hard to find a product that doesn’t contain coconut oil. This is great to see, and gratitude to our talented hemp formulators, we’ve carried it into the CBD e-liquid industry to totally supplant the PG/VG. That is incredible news for anybody looking to vape CBD oil with all-natural ingredients.

How to Use CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

The Alternate Vape CBD Cartridge is prepared to go when it arrives. Just twist it onto the vaporizer battery and inhale through the mouthpiece. There are no no complicated buttons or adjustments to make; it’s completely automatic. When you’ve completed the tank, discard it and request another one — but keep the battery so you can utilize it with your next tank! The battery is rechargeable with the accompanied USB charger.

Vape it throughout the day as needed.

Ceramic vs Wick

Our vape oil cartridges are ceramic, ensuring a higher quality product. From our experience, ceramic cartridges are not only a higher quality when comparing to a wicked cartridge, they are also less likely to burn the hemp oil.


If you order our kit, the accompanying vaporizer battery has purple LED lights at the bottom. If the battery is getting low, the lights will blink as you inhale to warn you that it’s time to charge your vaporizer.


One blink = 30% battery remaining

Two blinks = 10% battery capacity remaining

Five blinks = battery drained


When you plug the battery into the charger, the charger’s LED light will stay on. When it’s it’s fully charged, the lights will blink 10 times and then stop. A full charge usually takes 2-3 hours.


MCT Oil, CBD, Terpenes

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