What “Organic” Means On Our CBD Products

What “Organic” Means On Our CBD Products

Do you look for the word ‘Organic’ on a product when you pick it off a shelf? Ever wondered why that’s so important to you?

Sure, an organic product means it’s free of chemicals, pesticides, and any synthetics. But that definition varies from company to company. Whether a producer chooses to adhere to a standard set by the government for a product to qualify as Organic, or follow a stricter standard, beyond the legal recommendation, to ensure that their customers receive the highest quality of products producible.

It all really depends.

And it also means one more thing; that it’s one thing to purchase a product because it says it’s organic, and another to look into how the product was brought to life.  

At Cruzan Farms, we believe in thinking beyond the Organic certification. For us, it’s more of a mission: making the highest quality of 100% clean, pure and organic CBD available to consumers online.

Our story and what we stand for

Before we got started in the business, we noticed that for a very long time the healing properties of CBD were misjudged and underestimated because of a few dishonest distributors selling average quality products at high prices. Another thing we noticed was that good quality CBD products were very difficult to find online for the average consumer.

Considering these two observations, our products were launched with only two main missions; to manufacture high quality, 100% organic CBD products, and to make them available to consumers online.

Why Organic is Important to us

Hemp is known to be a photo-remediative plant. This means that hemp plants tend to absorb contaminants from the soil they grow in. If the soil contains pesticides, harmful fertilizers, chemicals, or synthetic substances, there is a huge chance that they could get absorbed into the plants. This could lead to serious health risks.

Therefore, when you chose a hemp producer, it is important to first have a look at their lab results to check for any contamination.

This is one of the main reasons our plants are grown in soil that is 100% free of any contamination, pesticides or synthetics.

Our very own standard of ‘Organic’

At Cruzan Farms, each plant starts in healthy, pure soil that is free of any impurities, chemical additives or contaminants. Our hemp plants don’t require a lot to grow as our farm environment ensures that they get adequate water, high soil quality and the right climate to ensure a wide variety of plant compounds, as well as high quality seeds for our next crop.  

While preparing our soil for the crop does take a lot of time, our farmers admit that it is a worthwhile investment.

Once the crop is done, it’s time for one of the most crucial steps: to ensure the premium quality of each batch we produce; third party testing! 

If you’re buying from a seller, we highly recommend you ask for lab results of third-party tests before you proceed. If they can’t provide you with the testing results, we urge you to look for another company, or check out our organic CBD product range.

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