Why CBD Oil Works Best When Placed Under the Tongue

Why CBD Oil Works Best When Placed Under the Tongue

We live in an age driven by stress and anxiety and it’s getting worse by the year. According to a study, almost 40% of Americans report they are more stressed right now than they were at this time last year.

In approximate, around 6.8 million American adults get affected by a generalized anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, due to limited availability and affordability of effective long term treatment options, only 43.2% of those affected are receiving treatment.

With the recent research regarding the countless benefits of CBD oil and the 2018 Farm Bill, many people are moving toward the more holistic option of CBD infused products because of their effectiveness.

Even though the standard products are still CBD oil and capsules, more interesting CBD infused keep turning up every day. Now we have infused butter, chocolates and even skincare!

Each of these products has their own way of being used. To retain the full benefits of CBD, it is best to follow the administration guidelines advised. In the case of CBD oil, there are two ways to take it.

Oral Ingestion—How digestion principles apply to CBD

Digestion typically is a long process, and it applies to everything that passes through the esophagus. Whatever you eat has to be passed down to the stomach and digested, go through an absorption procedure in the small intestine and be metabolized by the liver.

In this process, not only do many substances get reduced bioavailability, the process time hugely affects the onset time of the substance, making it overall less effective.  

Does this apply to CBD? Yes, it does.

When Cannabidol passes through the liver, a fraction of it metabolizes there. That means you’ve already lost a small part of your dose, already making it less effective.

In an ideal scenario, to reap the maximum benefits, CBD will need to enter the bloodstream without reaching the liver.

This is where the sublingual approach steps in.

The sublingual approach

The sublingual approach to taking CBD is to place a few drops of it under your tongue and let the mucous membrane in the mouth absorb the active ingredients in the CBD oil. The capillaries or tiny blood vessels transfer the nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This means that the CBD completely bypasses the digestive system, and enters the bloodstream directly, quite like our idea scenario described above.

Most studies support the opinion that CBD has better bioavailability when taken sublingually because it’s effectiveness isn’t decreased by digestion.

Ready to try CBD oil sublingually?

We offer premium quality organic blends to help you ease your symptoms the natural way.

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