Your Definitive Guide to CBD Patches

Your Definitive Guide to CBD Patches

At Cruzan Farms, we love everything about CBD and CBD derived products. And when it comes to offering creative solutions to our customers, we don’t shy away from finding the best treatments possible.

From CBD lotions to bath salts, there are plenty of products to choose from. But we believe that nothing beats CBD patches!

CBD patches have only been around for a few years, but they’ve already become popular. And for a good reason too!

So, what exactly is a CBD patch and why should you consider buying a pack?

What is a CBD Patch?

You can compare a CBD patch to a band-aid; except, unlike a band-aid, CBD patches are infused with cannabinoids. These patches are perfect for individuals who struggle with chronic pain and anxiety.

Research shows that CBD helps produce the 5-HT1A receptor in the body, which is responsible for regulating serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of joy and happiness.

CBD has also proven to be effective in treating insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

When you apply a CBD patch, your skin automatically absorbs the small amount of THC present in the patch. It’s similar to IV treatments, except it doesn’t involve any needles (luckily!).

Do CBD Patches Make You High?

Your Definitive Guide to CBD Patches

Because CBD patches have small amounts of THC, one question that people often ask is: do they get you high?

The truth is, while they do have small amounts of THC, it’s not enough to get you high. The amount of THC present in CBD patches is strictly controlled. It’s not enough to cause any psychoactive effects.

Do CBD Patches Have Side-Effects?

Another question that people have regarding CBD patches is if they have any side-effects. CBD patches are not similar to painkillers.

Research shows that athletes who took ibuprofen had more amounts of colonic bacteria than the average person. This means that those who take painkillers regularly are more likely to suffer from muscle and cell damage.

One of the biggest advantages of using CBD patches is that it reduces inflammation and pain.  In fact, those who take painkillers are more likely to experience withdrawal symptoms than those who use CBD patches.

This is because CBD is a natural ingredient and doesn’t have any side-effects.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that CBD patches are an excellent way to alleviate the symptoms of pain and find relief. 

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD products, look no further! We’ve got everything you’ll need. From CBD oils to edibles, we offer a wide range of products. Browse through our e-store or feel free to contact us to learn more!

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